Happy New 2010 Year!

Here's a great prediction, in the form of a card, from TheBeautifulProject shop on Etsy.

Here's wishing you lots of good things, something like finding your colorful, uplifting listing on Olive Bites Blog (I so enjoy that blog!) and then someone coming across it and just has to share the same sentiment on their blog (ie, mine).

May YOUR year be filled with GREAT blogging opportunities!


Free worldwide shipping!

A limited time offer from zJayne. Free worldwide shipping on any eco friendly dryer pillow sheet set of three from zJayne placed by midnight November 30.


Never to Late to Plant a Tree?

 Thanksgiving is this week and what better time to plant a tree? (call your garden center for amazing discounts) So we did! Heritage Birch. Just this one picture to share, but next spring, just you wait! Notice the "just one more use for recycled tshirts" red sleeve flag and mustard comfort wrap around these three trunks.  Three trunks you ask? The power of three.

Just one more visual to remind me of one of my favorites from Brian Andreas' musings:

"Most people don't know there are angels
whose only job is to make sure you don't get too comfortable
& fall asleep
& miss your life."

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Galley Girl Makes it to Spoonflower Doll Contest and NEEDS Your Vote!

I'll make this quick. I'd like to see "Galley Girl" make it into the finals for a FABRIC CONTEST put on by the amazing Spoonflower and their blog (that's where you vote). I've been toying with upholstery quality fabric for some of my art and ordered two of my pieces in swatches from them. Next thing I see is a doll contest from Spoonflower and I decide to offer up "Galley Girl" to the fabric world for one week. Yes yes yes... I know she may not be your standard huggable doll type, but she has so many stories to tell and is quite a substantial piece (6" x 8") of beauty in her own way.

All you need to do to help me out is vote here (click the "vote here" on that page, even though you see Jane Pierce on that page, the voting is under "vote here").

Galley Girl is on the first page (or was) in multiples because it shows yardage.  Click on her, make it to the third page and submit. WE thank you for giving her a chance!

zJayne and Galley Girl xo


When it Rains, It Pours 1000 Ideas!

Mom always said, "when it rains, it pours"! Excited to receive an email from the talented Garth Johnson - Craft Family, LLC from www.extremecraft.com, "that you (me) made it to the final, published version!"  Seems too that I'll be hearing from the publisher soon. AS soon as I know what number in the 1,000 amazing reuse inclusions I am, I'll post . . . yessiree!

There's a quick inside peek over here on Amazon too. The book will be released on November 1st in the United States, followed by other international versions. Thanks Garth! 


zJayne GIVEAWAY on Olive Bites Blog

The best SIX PACK in town. TWO more days left to easily ENTER this giveaway for my upcycled tShirt market bags. They have endless uses which include the grocery store, but also, laundry, gift giving (I like to fill with favorite grocery finds), sports bag, packages for post office, urban luggage and more.

Visit zJayne's (that's me) gorgeous (Olive Bites said this) shop and leave a comment letting Jane know about your favorite item or something you would like to see her carry!

Easy Peasy additional ways to enter:

1. Follow Olive Bites Blog (love her blog, the humor, the great finds, the eye appealing set up)
2. Twitter this contest.
3. Blog about this contest; linking to this post.

No more reading, go enter! Thanks!

Waste Not Want Not - Green Craft Magazine PREMIER ISSUE

From the publisher of Somerset Studio

Yes, it happens, the day comes when you are plugging away at your craft and you find yourself on THREE pages of one classy representation of eco friendly creative spirits and designers all in one place GreenCraft Magazine.

I am happy to share with anyone who will listen, that my upcycled former tshirt sleeves (leave no morsel untapped) Dryer Pillow Sheets are featured in their first issue along with 50+ stylish & sustainable projects. These lavender filled, double pouched, pillows are for use in the dryer in replace of chemically treated alternatives. They also pose as a quick sachet for camping, closets, drawers and more. . . . Available on Etsy and if you're local to the Cleveland area, you can find them at Green Smart Gifts, located at 14534 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio 44107

For the record, each set of three comes tagged:

”If we don’t waste what we have,
we’ll still have it in the future ”

Þ fragrant home grown Washington lavender buds inside
Þ double secured (see last pic, separate sewn pouch inside)
– no buds sneaking their way out, no way, no how!
Þ reusable, long lasting
Þ eco-friendly
Þ pose as a quick sachet for camping, closets, drawers and more. . .
Þ Size Approx. 4” x 4” each

100% Upcycled, no new tShirts were harmed to make this item.
(~made with recycled t-shirt sleeves, pieces and parts!)

Thank You to the Managing Editor, Amanda Crabtree and her helpful staff.
You're making a difference.

Just a Slice (of Moo)

I know, I know. . . whatever is she talking about. My youngest sista and I (shhhhh, she's just one smidgen of a year younger) . . . have this playful saying we've used in public for no apparent reason. It goes like this. . .

We're shopping, or there's quite a bit of silence going on . . . and one of us nonchalantly says "so o o o . . . I said to my husband"

AND then the other s l o w l y finishes . . . with "Michelle, quit wearing my dresses."
[disclaimer: neither of us is a Michelle, and any likeness to anyone in this quote is a mere coincidence]

NOW, for me, these new MOO mini CARDS have me befuddled and interested in learning more just like the reaction to our crazy (but we love it) charade saying.

I did it, I ordered these slices of my art and our recycled products because...well because... everyone else had them and I wanted them too! I succumbed and they are being very well received. Just like our fun little charade, I pull out my little holder (I'm using a clear vinyl thingy my optometrist gave me that is a perfect size - recycle renew repurpose, yup!) . . . share some slices of what I do, and the attention and desire to know more about them is quite fun!

I will, however, still be enjoying our quote when in California visiting my sister. We can't help it. . . it just happens, the timing is always perfect.

Oh, AND, if you too would like to have your own . . . here's a FREE SHIP code they sent me after my order to share with others until August 31, 2009! Go for it! CODE: QJ6BXS

Made in Heaven - An Eco Friendly Place!

“Rock ‘n’ Rebellion”, “Peace, Hope, Love”, “Classic Vintage”, “Design Your Own” are just a few of the collections available from this talented designer! No wonder we've crossed paths, it's a match made in heaven!

Little did I know when I was first contacted by Jordan that we were such kindred spirits. Jordan has taken my recycled products places I have never dreamed of being, at least not yet! I'm coming along and luvin' every minute of it.

Jordan Bell has a long history in fashion design and couture retail as a sales rep for high-end retailers like Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus.

As the sole owner and proprietor of Jordan Bell Designs, Jordan is self-taught and has a keen eye for the most rare and most high-end jewelry and materials to add to her creations. Jordan explains, “Each piece could potentially take days to make, but when it’s done, each one tells its own story.”

It has been my pleasure to supply this designer with eco friendly products. Each one-of-a-kind Jordan Bell Design comes in its own signature pouch, designed by zJayne.

Follow Jordan on Twitter.
View her collections and more http://jordanbelldesigns.com
Look for her in Italy now, the sky's the limit!

Thank you Jordan, you make a difference!


Holly Hocks are not Weeds! Eye Candy in the Garden!

I'm learning! My guru gardening sister NoraDora sent me holly hock seeds when I purchased her amazing Angel Trumpet seeds a couple years ago. While she explained they would not bloom (or was it even grow) the first year . . . I forgot about them. This year something began growing right outside my sewing window and while I was weeding, I called over my neighbor to ask if they were weeds or not. She informed me that she thought they were "holly hocks" and that she had accidentally pulled all hers one year too.

NOTE: My neighbor did show me weeds I was growing (ha a hahahaha), tall ones too!

Within a short time these gorgeous Holly Hocks grew. . . they are over six feet tall!! No kidding! I'm learning. . . and loving it!


Cleveland Handmade on FOX 8 - Friday!

A treasury made in celebration of Cleveland Handmade being featured on Fox8 this coming Friday, June 26th on the 8:00-9:00 news show.
petitelibellule & virtuallori will represent the team!
Go team!

In celebration, a number of Cleveland Handmade artists will be offering specials in their Etsy shops. We invite you to check out this promotions thread at Etsy.com to see the offers.

Tune in for the 8:00 hour on Friday to see some fresh new items from Cleveland Handmade!


What are you up to?

This is what I've been up to this weekend. I'm having the most fun painting with material. That's what I like to call it. I so adore the talent of many artists and when I can create (even remotely) something that feels like painting, I'm enjoying the energy.

I have also been catching up on orders, and am finding the "What's Your Word" pouch/wristlets to be so unique and one of a kind. I'm also becoming quite the aficionado on what letters are not in abundance on tShirts and which are! Here's what the beginnings look like when I'm putting together requests.

Quick blogging and sharing...enjoy~ Thanks for stopping by.


Perfect Advice from an Imperfect Mother

EVER come across a book that you just love to pick up anywhere and read from it? I know, you must be answering yes to that very question but what about this one.

Ever come across a book you want to give to everyone you love because you hope it will make them laugh, cry and "get it" like you did? Well, that's what I want to do with this book:

"Do As I Say, Not As I Did" by author Wendy Reid Crisp
(out of print but available used)

I am pretty sure I picked this book up at a -withdrawn- library sale...thought I'd probably use some of the font in my art... then picked it up and began reading it and KNEW it was meant to make a difference for me. I'm big on things making a difference!

Only 173 pages, small in a 5" x 6" stature, packed with humor and wisdom.

Tell you what ("you" meaning anyone who reads this and asks) I'll type out the short titles here and if one strikes your fancy, just ASK and I will happily type out the little story.

Worth the request, I promise.
  • Reconsider piercing your face.
  • Master the mundane.
  • Choose embarrassment over death.
  • Four reasons to stop the wedding.
  • Establish credit when you don't need it.
  • Learn how to buy money.
  • A good man is not hard to find if you know what you're looking for.
  • Abandon hope of getting enough rest.
  • Network with unimportant people.
  • If you love him, lie.
  • Net worth does not equal self-worth.
  • Fight the compulsion to be perfect.
  • Avoid married men-and single men with an untanned circle around the third finger of their left hand.
  • There are no big breaks.
  • Test that yellow paint.
  • Stress is not caused by overwork.
  • Of course you want to have a baby. You're 27.
  • Clout goes with the position, not the person.
  • Stop smoking, dammit.
  • Share.
  • Forgive your friends.
  • The call is not always for us.
  • It takes a tough woman to cook a tender chicken.
  • I don't want to know everything that I demand you tell me.
  • Never hesitate to employ the airhead defense.
  • Revisit decisions.
  • When someone dies, cook.
  • Know the difference between power and control.
  • Relax; other people are not obsessed with your problems.
  • Shop in old classified ads.
  • Fail fearlessly.
  • Expect an occasional punishment to ridiculously outweigh the crime.
  • Make it through the night.
  • Temper your ambitious urgency.
  • Develop bifocal vision.
  • Laugh loudly and the hell with it.
  • A good man is hard to find. Part II.
  • Hair: the front line of mental health.
  • Envy is not knowing the whole story.
  • Balance your checkbook, not your life.
  • Let the creek meander.
  • Enjoy anonymity while you can.
  • A good man . . . part III.
  • Insomnia is compulsory education.
  • A good man . . . part IV.
  • Score no unnecessary points.
  • Restrain yourself from looking underneath anything.
  • As soon as you learn the game, the rules will change.
  • You will never regret NOT sleeping with someone.
  • Don't look back: learning a lot from Lot's wife.
  • Keep your eye on the ball.
  • Fast.
  • A good man . . . part V.
  • Exorcize the demons of common sense.
  • A good man . . . part VI.
  • The longer the story, the bigger the lie.
  • Life is a journey?
  • Do the right thing, eve if it's for the wrong reasons.
  • Offices are villages, not families.
  • A good man . . . part VII.
  • Your twenties are a Magic Slate.
  • Write letters to the living.
  • The horse may talk.
  • Don't anthropomorphize machines.
  • Don't edit your life story.
  • A good man . . . part VIII.
  • Play the hand you've been dealt.
  • Just say yes.
  • Break hearts as you've been taught to break eggs: with one sharp tap on the side of the bowl.
  • It's a rough life, but somebody's got to live it.
  • Escape is a valid option.
  • As the classics teach us, hubris angers the gods.
  • Become a psalm reader.
  • Now, put away childish things.
  • Have courage.


MAY Flowers

The latest Cleveland Handmade challenge is May Flowers!
Check it out and vote for your favorite!



Junk2Funk Fundraiser

An upcoming event is The JUNK2FUNK Auction put on by Local Girl Gallery, GreenSmart Gifts, EcoLakewood and business and artists advocates, Lakewood is Art, will benefit North Coast Health Ministry while touting the four R's of life: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Respect during the City's month long Earth Day celebration in April.

Date: April 25th Gala Evening "green" cocktail reception w/wine provided by French Rabbit in eco-friendly packaging.

More info can be found in the Lakewood SunPost (April 16, 2009)

Quoted from Ruthie Koenigsmark

President, Lakewood is Art

"Jane Pierce is one of the contributing artists for this Fundraiser, and a picture of the bag she created and will be submitting filled with her products says it all....
"ART SAVES LIVES" and isn't it à propos to the very fabric of this Fundraiser? Get the word out -- the time is NOW to help our neighbors- auction benefits neighbors without health benefits!"

Vote for your Favorite

Five days left to vote and frankly I'm in the running and would love your vote! I hear the winner will be featured on Etsy's blog. That's a good thing!

All you have to do is click here to view the Eco-Friendly Items for a Better World. All the listings are wonderful and mine, zJayne, is the "What's Your Word" wristlet/pouch, made from 100% recycled pieces, letters, parts from tShirts. Place a dot in the listing to vote and then remember to "cast your vote" at the bottom of the page (submit).

Thanks!! Thanks! Thank you~
Jane aka zJayne


One for You and One for Me

Recently I have become obsessed with adorable creatures of the bunny, doll and cat kind on Etsy and I am beside myself with desires for these adorable works of art. I find it appropriate to use the word "beside myself" because I'm learning more and more about myself through the process of 'wanting'.

I suppose it began with Marjji's tabby cat, all cute and just pick me up and set me where I'll smile each time I see you cat. And Marjji's story about cats her grandmother would sew adds to their meaning. Then I cross paths with snollygosters' Babushka dolls and I find myself calling a sister, yes, yes, just like I'm going to win a million dollars, and asking if I can buy this doll. Not that I need to ask, but learning that I wanted permission...what's that about! snollygosters and Babushka are words that make me smile. My daughter and I loved the Babushka stories while she was growing up and the story this shop owner shares about the awake and sleeping side of each doll is memorable and draws me to them even more.

Well, here comes peter cottontail and wouldn't you know I'd accidentally (or was it on purpose) cross paths with the most adorable bunnies on the planet, ChenilleTreasures, and found myself making another phone call to encourage these be considered for friends. So can you imagine my panic when I noticed the two I favorited were sold... did that phone call make the sale? Did someone else grab them? These bunnies right now are helping out the shop owners for a good cause too!

Breathe in, breathe out... luckily these shops are here to stay with their amazing quality and talent. Don't tell anyone, but I am going to do what I have to do!

Card Addict

I admit it, I squirrel away cards. I buy them with the best of intentions. I really (usually) know who I am buying them for but I notice that I often cannot bear to give them up. It sometimes takes years. I began this closet (though I keep them in boxes) collecting back in the 70’s. Yes, yes . . . that was me spending hours in stores reading them all!

I’m that person that bothers you when you’re looking for a card… “did you read this one?” oh my gosh… it’s so good!

Then I got a grip and really stopped buying them, raised children, then began coming across original talent online and . . uh oh . . more cards at my convenience of point and click. So I’m sharing some of my finds, because it could be years before I send these ones.

(Note: I'm embellishing, I have sent some of these already. I did cry while writing a holiday note to my bf on this beautiful card by soldesign.)

Top left to right: My newest find TheHouseofMouse ..don't miss her VanGogh too (I handpicked myself a set, shhhh), then there's heartofnature that I'm sending for Valentine's Day, and their recyclable - chuckling already as these are frameable and I so adore them, can I part with them(?) - chanting to myself to send them send them, CoffeePotPeople did get to stay right here last Valentine's Day to my sweetie, and then bottom row left speaks to my own upbringing of mixed up sayings and I truly admit to not letting go yet - this designer even made up some from my own idioms - idiomsyncrasies is quite wonderful and she owns pulpficcion as well which is the last card there - read the inside. In between those two cards you'll find soldesign, I plan to get another of these to frame.

While I’m at it, I might as well admit that I’ve written to card creators and shared my adoration of their talent. Here are two more that I adore. Brian Andreas, he writes StoryPeople, careful . . . you could get lost there like I do. And I don't want to forget MJ Abell. Heck, imagine this . . MJ Abell creates a card called "The Feminine" using all the words that appeared on a pair of Jockey for Her underwear and it is amazingly moving. This gives me a chance to write her again and ask where I can send others to find her! Ha! I love it! Hope you do too.

Last note: there are more ....shhhhh....laters.


Eco Friendly Dryer Sheets from T-Shirts

Posted by Picasa

Last year I made some of these for myself to see how long they'd last. Of course, tried them out with a select group of family and friends and wallah~I'm making them available because they are truly great! I've double secured the Washington home grown lavender buds and the fragrance is so calming and pleasing. Not going to tell you how long they'll last cuz you just won't believe me! Venture to say that, you'll be a happy camper.

Might I add...take them camping for a great sachet too!


Double the Fun

Recently I came across a great idea from CraftyChefGraphics

Business cards doubled up make 'cutable' tags. They are great! CraftyChef can take YOUR picture and make it into just what you need. Here's what I needed and results.

Tags for my zJayne recycled tshirt market bags.
Tags for zJayne pouches.
Tags for all recycled products from zJayne.
Tags for post consumer glass suncatchers.

That's FOUR tags on TWO business cards. Fronts and backs too...AND information on the back is geared to the appropriate item. Did I mention they are GREAT!

Working with CraftyChef on both my bookmarks (see blog post below) and these new tags was so economical and professional that I asked her if she did any website design. I'm pleased to have followed up with her sister K. Chayka for my basic website. Right now I just needed something basic and her company is also hosting for me, and I can see using her talents down the road for more too!

Hence, lots of double the fun in this endeavor!