Recommendation! We USE these products!!

I have cleared out my thinking and our medicine cabinets. Last year I came across MystiqueProducts while parosing shops that sell local handmade items on Etsy.

I always think there's something about knowing someone else uses and recommends a product that can often lead another to giving it a try. My (actually, our) first experiences were with solid lotion bars, to which the directions intrigued me and we found the product to be wonderful for dry skin areas over the cold winter...

With Mystique's products in mind I created these upcycled First Aid pouches. They are perfect for a great mix of the healing salves, Bug-R off solid lotion. . . and more. I'm making first aid kit gifts for friends and family.

Find some time to take a look around, you won't be sorry... lots of great finds... chances are I probably have em' too.