Just a Slice (of Moo)

I know, I know. . . whatever is she talking about. My youngest sista and I (shhhhh, she's just one smidgen of a year younger) . . . have this playful saying we've used in public for no apparent reason. It goes like this. . .

We're shopping, or there's quite a bit of silence going on . . . and one of us nonchalantly says "so o o o . . . I said to my husband"

AND then the other s l o w l y finishes . . . with "Michelle, quit wearing my dresses."
[disclaimer: neither of us is a Michelle, and any likeness to anyone in this quote is a mere coincidence]

NOW, for me, these new MOO mini CARDS have me befuddled and interested in learning more just like the reaction to our crazy (but we love it) charade saying.

I did it, I ordered these slices of my art and our recycled products because...well because... everyone else had them and I wanted them too! I succumbed and they are being very well received. Just like our fun little charade, I pull out my little holder (I'm using a clear vinyl thingy my optometrist gave me that is a perfect size - recycle renew repurpose, yup!) . . . share some slices of what I do, and the attention and desire to know more about them is quite fun!

I will, however, still be enjoying our quote when in California visiting my sister. We can't help it. . . it just happens, the timing is always perfect.

Oh, AND, if you too would like to have your own . . . here's a FREE SHIP code they sent me after my order to share with others until August 31, 2009! Go for it! CODE: QJ6BXS


Leah said...

love the saying!

You know how it can be weird when you say goodbye to someone and you don't know if you should shake hands or hug them. Once that happened to my husband and he blurted out the "AWKWARD!" so now whenever there is an awkward silence we simply say "AWKWARD!" It breaks the ice if nothing else hehe! So thanks for your story!

zJayne said...

That's a good one too. I can see that happening . . . "AWKWARD". Thanks for sharing!

shell-rose creations said...

Hiya! I love your little wacky, yet I can totally relate. I might try this moo-idea for my new website. It still has a few kinks, but soon it will be all ready for bazillions of customers.

Hey, are you going to visit me in California, too?

WristieLove said...

I needed a laugh today! and by the way, Moo cards have saved me soooo many times. So many uses!