Card Addict

I admit it, I squirrel away cards. I buy them with the best of intentions. I really (usually) know who I am buying them for but I notice that I often cannot bear to give them up. It sometimes takes years. I began this closet (though I keep them in boxes) collecting back in the 70’s. Yes, yes . . . that was me spending hours in stores reading them all!

I’m that person that bothers you when you’re looking for a card… “did you read this one?” oh my gosh… it’s so good!

Then I got a grip and really stopped buying them, raised children, then began coming across original talent online and . . uh oh . . more cards at my convenience of point and click. So I’m sharing some of my finds, because it could be years before I send these ones.

(Note: I'm embellishing, I have sent some of these already. I did cry while writing a holiday note to my bf on this beautiful card by soldesign.)

Top left to right: My newest find TheHouseofMouse ..don't miss her VanGogh too (I handpicked myself a set, shhhh), then there's heartofnature that I'm sending for Valentine's Day, and their recyclable - chuckling already as these are frameable and I so adore them, can I part with them(?) - chanting to myself to send them send them, CoffeePotPeople did get to stay right here last Valentine's Day to my sweetie, and then bottom row left speaks to my own upbringing of mixed up sayings and I truly admit to not letting go yet - this designer even made up some from my own idioms - idiomsyncrasies is quite wonderful and she owns pulpficcion as well which is the last card there - read the inside. In between those two cards you'll find soldesign, I plan to get another of these to frame.

While I’m at it, I might as well admit that I’ve written to card creators and shared my adoration of their talent. Here are two more that I adore. Brian Andreas, he writes StoryPeople, careful . . . you could get lost there like I do. And I don't want to forget MJ Abell. Heck, imagine this . . MJ Abell creates a card called "The Feminine" using all the words that appeared on a pair of Jockey for Her underwear and it is amazingly moving. This gives me a chance to write her again and ask where I can send others to find her! Ha! I love it! Hope you do too.

Last note: there are more ....shhhhh....laters.


The House of Mouse said...

Thanks so much for the feature :)

Kitty said...

This is wonderful! I am an avid card reader and hoarder, too!! That's part of why I started making my own cards... I had already read ALL of the ones at the store, and didn't much like the ones I hadn't already bought! Thanks so much for featuring my Love is Everywhere cards--you can probably guess that I'm a sappy/inspirational card lover! haha Although many are too corny for my liking.

My card.. I don't want to say obsession... but my card enthusiasm is also why I developed recyclable cards. With the right person, you can send the same beautiful handmade card back and forth for ever and ever and ever!! Especially if you put a note on it that says "Please return to me one day!" then perhaps you'll get the card with a special note from a perfect stranger. I'd love to be able to track those to see what kinds of sentiments are sent and where! Maybe one day...

Anyway, thanks again, and I love the feature!!

zJayne said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoying this post! It feels great to be able to share these finds and hope more find your talent through the links!

ladylinoleum said...

There are worse addictions! Lovely bits of ephemera for sure!

Chrisy said...

Oh I know what it's like...especially now there are so many talented artists producing cards...they're small works of art...and storypeople well it's another world!

Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

I've always been a card hoarder and sender, too. When I was first dating my husband, for the first year and a half I sent him two or three cards a day with love letters in them. Some of the cards were handmade and some were store bought. I always decorated the envelopes. He's got them all saved in shoe boxes.
And now I make and sell them!