The Vision Board: The Secret to An Extraordinary Life

Something wonderful is happening. I sensed it as I woke up one morning, several months ago, and headed to a local

ClevelandTeam thread on the handmade artisan website called Etsy. Author Joyce Schwarz had left a note in the thread sharing that she was writing a book on vision boards. I could hardly contain my excitement when I knew exactly what she was talking about. I had recently collaged dozens of my art pieces into my own inspirational visions of life. I must admit to feeling like my wake up so early was to "see" this request for artisan boards. I am paying attention in my life to all the "signs" and "coincidences" and loving every minute of it too.

You'll find me zJayne, aka artzJayne, Jane Pierce, aka Jayne Pierce, inside the book as one of my original vision piece's named "BE" has been featured. "BE" is just one of many treasured heirloom pieces that have made such a difference in my life and others who enjoy meaningful artwork.

Fox News is just one of 10 interviews so far featuring author Joyce Schwarz . . . Envision your life ~ Literally! Joyce is originally from the Cleveland area and attended Ohio University undergrad and will come back to Cleveland to do TV, radio and newspaper interviews and everyone will be invited to the "OUR" book signing . It hit #8 on Amazon's ranking for top spirituality books and it's 6 weeks before publication date.

I'm so excited to be part of this upcoming book which can be pre-ordered on The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life is the title and that's a clickable link too!

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I know I'll want to share more soon.... but for now, thanks for all positive reinforcements. Thank you to my guy, Dan T. you inspire me. Thank you to my family and friends, artisans, acquaintances, neighbors, teachers, co-workers . . . anyone who has ever listened to me try to explain my art. Thank you for your encouragement and positive affirmations. You make a difference!