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Have you had the pleasure of being included in one of Susan's NumericDesign Treasuries? Take a look at how talented this shop "NumericDesign" also found as "photohale" and "snu2", has been for some time now! You want to make it in her treasuries, consider adding the number of items in your listing as a tag. Lucky me today on front page with Baby drawstrings totes viewed through the above NumericDesign Front Page grouping.

More of her amazing mixes can be viewed here. Notice the theme and creative arrangement of numerical listings. They are FABulous!



Excited as can be to THANK the editors of GREEN CRAFT Magazine for including my zJayne Custom Red Cross bags and What's Your Word CUSTOM multiple sized pouches in their Autumn 2010 Issue.  More pictures of three page article can be seen here. Thank you too for customer early holiday ordering. Look for FREE SHIPPING on ten bags or more.

Special shout out Thank You to all new and repeat customers. You SO rock! 


Dryer Sheet Pillow Sachets Featured

As seen in:
Pregnancy & Newborn (May issue)
Everyday with Rachel Ray Magazine and
Whole Living (Martha Stewart Body & Soul Magazine)

Upcycled, no new tShirts were harmed to make this item.
Made with recycled t-shirt sleeves, pieces and parts!

More Info:
Þ fragrant home grown organic lavender buds inside
Þ double secured (see last pic, separate sewn pouch inside)
– no buds sneaking their way out, no way, no how!
Þ Pillows are "reusable" not "refillable
Þ Keep in a covered container to last 4-6-12 mos.
- Renew them by scrunch/crunch
Þ eco-friendly
Þ pose as a quick sachet for camping, closets, car freshener, drawers and more. . .
Þ made with 100% upcycled tshirt material
Þ Size Approx. 4” x 4” each


Crunchy Clean Meets zJayne - Ecofriendly Coupon

Here's a match that is helping to make a difference one load at a time. Just before the Holidays last year I ordered from Crunchy Clean a BOX LOAD of eco friendly detergent. Yep, some for myself, some for gift giving, some to sample scents, I tried it all. Ashley, from Crunchy Clean, also has small gift size, adorable 3-4 loads packaged in the zip lock brown bag (we love it)! Oh oh ...and the's a perfect tablespoon.  AND, I have hard water and I had the option of ordering hard water detergent (and did).

I must tell you that I wasn't expecting any noticeable difference, just expecting to hopefully like the product and take a step in a better direction for my laundry products.  Here's what happened . . . yes, I know you want to know the scents I recommend, but here's what happened first.

I gave my daughter a large brown Crunchy Clean bag in her favorite essential oil scent of Vanilla. Love that girl and she has this fondness for all things vanilla.  I make her a special batch of vanilla dryer sheets from a hoarded stash of handmade filler for her very own. (Yes, I'm working on a second dryer pillow sheet filler scent to be available later this year).  Anyway, so daughter calls me that she's really liking the detergent and I had so far done two loads myself and I'm telling her, "yes, me too". Then we are both quiet...and I say, actually, I think the clothes "feel" different. And she says, "so do I" ...and we go on and on about "can that really be possible" is it just that we want to like this product?  They feel and look cleaner.

Crunchy Clean includes with each order an informative sheet of tips/eco knowledge and it does explain your clothes won't have any residue like commercial detergent. I'm telling you, I do think that is what happens. It's noticeable enough, they're clean, and frankly, we are sold on this positive change.

Now, for the scents. Me, I'm so enjoying the Lemongrass-Orange EO (essential oil)
Daughter is liking the Vanilla EO
We are both thinking the Clothespins, Four Leaf Clover and essential oils (EO) are more favorites to be reordered.

It's like you want to do the laundry! I'll bet it has something to do with aromatherapy!

SO - We've COLLABORATED on a CODED COUPON for customers!
You don't need the coupon, but you do need the CODE cc2010zJ to receive:

10% Off Order from Crunchy Clean's website 

(post code in comment section at checkout and shipping will be refunded for dryer sheets only)

Use this code, share the code, order from either of our sites and enjoy our eco-friendly products!


Tag This ~

I have been meaning to send out a blog shout out - THANK YOU - to shop owner RobertoSand! I had the pleasure of working with him last year to design these wooden button tags that have many uses.  Take a look through his shop and you will come across some unique ideas and if you have time to view his sold area, you'll get to see some amazing products that I'm sure will give you ideas for your own gift giving through his talented designs.

I especially like his ability to make custom wine carriers (and beer), like this fun Mums and Dads one that I saw a buyer designed when I was ordering my own zJayne tags.

Have a look around, you'll be inspired for sure!



Originally submitted at UncommonGoods

Wear a different piece of art everyday with magnetic necklaces that each come with an artist-illustrated series of five interchangeable faces. Pendant made of a recycled steel auto-mobile part. Handmade by Cat Ivins in New Jersey. Adjustable nickel-plated brass chain. Choose from: Unusual by Chri...

Oh yeah, make a wish and keep it Locked

By zJayne from Northern Ohio on 1/22/2010


5out of 5

Gift: No

Pros: Durable, Attractive Design, Eye Appealing, Easy To Assemble

Best Uses: Conversaton Starter, Gifts

Describe Yourself: Budget Shopper

I Am A: Single Female

I keep a wish inside my locket(s). Often something I want to draw into my life I scratch on a paper and fold it up and slip it inside the necklace. Forget about it, then notice it has come to pass! I tell you, these really rock!