Pop Up - Collective Upcycle "Brilliant Mix of Energy"

Seriously, it happens, people step out of their comfort zones and make things happen. Then they take on a life of their own and the next thing you know . . . a creative energy emerges! Okay, this is my take on a group of local talented artists.  I have had the pleasure of participating in Collective Upcycle Pop Ups! 

You'll want to check out the links provided in this brief post to really get a feel for what a Pop Up is. . . when they come about . . . and how they evolve from a vacant store front to a shoppers delight!

Beginning Thursday, November 17th with an Artists Open House (6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m) (kind of a meet & greet with wine & tasty treats) - Collective Upcycle  -  holiday pop-up will be open  12pm - 8 pm, Thursdays through Sundays from November 17th to December 24th. 13226 Shaker Square,Cleveland 44120, (between Yours Truly and Fire Food & Drink).

It takes a Village (so its been said) - but I tell you that Nicole, Renee, Megan and Lauren - make things happen!  Introduce yourself (ask to meet when you stop and shop) and shake their hand to draw in some of that amazing energy!

How can you help you say?

* to upcycle is to creatively alter or repurpose leftover materials in a way that changes their use & adds value to them.