One for You and One for Me

Recently I have become obsessed with adorable creatures of the bunny, doll and cat kind on Etsy and I am beside myself with desires for these adorable works of art. I find it appropriate to use the word "beside myself" because I'm learning more and more about myself through the process of 'wanting'.

I suppose it began with Marjji's tabby cat, all cute and just pick me up and set me where I'll smile each time I see you cat. And Marjji's story about cats her grandmother would sew adds to their meaning. Then I cross paths with snollygosters' Babushka dolls and I find myself calling a sister, yes, yes, just like I'm going to win a million dollars, and asking if I can buy this doll. Not that I need to ask, but learning that I wanted permission...what's that about! snollygosters and Babushka are words that make me smile. My daughter and I loved the Babushka stories while she was growing up and the story this shop owner shares about the awake and sleeping side of each doll is memorable and draws me to them even more.

Well, here comes peter cottontail and wouldn't you know I'd accidentally (or was it on purpose) cross paths with the most adorable bunnies on the planet, ChenilleTreasures, and found myself making another phone call to encourage these be considered for friends. So can you imagine my panic when I noticed the two I favorited were sold... did that phone call make the sale? Did someone else grab them? These bunnies right now are helping out the shop owners for a good cause too!

Breathe in, breathe out... luckily these shops are here to stay with their amazing quality and talent. Don't tell anyone, but I am going to do what I have to do!