Made in Heaven - An Eco Friendly Place!

“Rock ‘n’ Rebellion”, “Peace, Hope, Love”, “Classic Vintage”, “Design Your Own” are just a few of the collections available from this talented designer! No wonder we've crossed paths, it's a match made in heaven!

Little did I know when I was first contacted by Jordan that we were such kindred spirits. Jordan has taken my recycled products places I have never dreamed of being, at least not yet! I'm coming along and luvin' every minute of it.

Jordan Bell has a long history in fashion design and couture retail as a sales rep for high-end retailers like Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus.

As the sole owner and proprietor of Jordan Bell Designs, Jordan is self-taught and has a keen eye for the most rare and most high-end jewelry and materials to add to her creations. Jordan explains, “Each piece could potentially take days to make, but when it’s done, each one tells its own story.”

It has been my pleasure to supply this designer with eco friendly products. Each one-of-a-kind Jordan Bell Design comes in its own signature pouch, designed by zJayne.

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Look for her in Italy now, the sky's the limit!

Thank you Jordan, you make a difference!


Holly Hocks are not Weeds! Eye Candy in the Garden!

I'm learning! My guru gardening sister NoraDora sent me holly hock seeds when I purchased her amazing Angel Trumpet seeds a couple years ago. While she explained they would not bloom (or was it even grow) the first year . . . I forgot about them. This year something began growing right outside my sewing window and while I was weeding, I called over my neighbor to ask if they were weeds or not. She informed me that she thought they were "holly hocks" and that she had accidentally pulled all hers one year too.

NOTE: My neighbor did show me weeds I was growing (ha a hahahaha), tall ones too!

Within a short time these gorgeous Holly Hocks grew. . . they are over six feet tall!! No kidding! I'm learning. . . and loving it!