Just a Slice (of Moo)

I know, I know. . . whatever is she talking about. My youngest sista and I (shhhhh, she's just one smidgen of a year younger) . . . have this playful saying we've used in public for no apparent reason. It goes like this. . .

We're shopping, or there's quite a bit of silence going on . . . and one of us nonchalantly says "so o o o . . . I said to my husband"

AND then the other s l o w l y finishes . . . with "Michelle, quit wearing my dresses."
[disclaimer: neither of us is a Michelle, and any likeness to anyone in this quote is a mere coincidence]

NOW, for me, these new MOO mini CARDS have me befuddled and interested in learning more just like the reaction to our crazy (but we love it) charade saying.

I did it, I ordered these slices of my art and our recycled products because...well because... everyone else had them and I wanted them too! I succumbed and they are being very well received. Just like our fun little charade, I pull out my little holder (I'm using a clear vinyl thingy my optometrist gave me that is a perfect size - recycle renew repurpose, yup!) . . . share some slices of what I do, and the attention and desire to know more about them is quite fun!

I will, however, still be enjoying our quote when in California visiting my sister. We can't help it. . . it just happens, the timing is always perfect.

Oh, AND, if you too would like to have your own . . . here's a FREE SHIP code they sent me after my order to share with others until August 31, 2009! Go for it! CODE: QJ6BXS