Double the Fun

Recently I came across a great idea from CraftyChefGraphics

Business cards doubled up make 'cutable' tags. They are great! CraftyChef can take YOUR picture and make it into just what you need. Here's what I needed and results.

Tags for my zJayne recycled tshirt market bags.
Tags for zJayne pouches.
Tags for all recycled products from zJayne.
Tags for post consumer glass suncatchers.

That's FOUR tags on TWO business cards. Fronts and backs too...AND information on the back is geared to the appropriate item. Did I mention they are GREAT!

Working with CraftyChef on both my bookmarks (see blog post below) and these new tags was so economical and professional that I asked her if she did any website design. I'm pleased to have followed up with her sister K. Chayka for my basic website. Right now I just needed something basic and her company is also hosting for me, and I can see using her talents down the road for more too!

Hence, lots of double the fun in this endeavor!