Jack or Prince - What's your pleasure!

Jack in the Pulpit, Prince in the Pulpit, Priest in a Pulpit, King in a Pulpit . . .

This little cluster is growing right outside my door . . . and when the chipmunks leave them alone, I enjoy them every single day! I recently had the pleasure of sharing this plant with a boy scout who had not had it on their list of plants to find and learn about. It's pretty cool to introduce a favorite plant to another. In the process I learned more about my prince too. It's quite an evolved plant and according to my daughter "they only have berries if they decide to be female that year, they have to store up a lot of nutrients in their corms to have the energy to make seeds and stick around all summer." 

Everything evolves. . . sometimes in ways that we don't even see coming! Now that reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw out in California near my sista's abode . . . "Oh, evolve".

Enjoy! Learn something new everyday and tell someone about it too.