Eco Friendly Dryer Sheets from T-Shirts

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Last year I made some of these for myself to see how long they'd last. Of course, tried them out with a select group of family and friends and wallah~I'm making them available because they are truly great! I've double secured the Washington home grown lavender buds and the fragrance is so calming and pleasing. Not going to tell you how long they'll last cuz you just won't believe me! Venture to say that, you'll be a happy camper.

Might I add...take them camping for a great sachet too!


Nora said...

I thought I was your "Favorite Sister" and I didn't get any to try! Guess I have to buy mine....sigh!!! BIG SIGH~~!!

zJayne said...

Ha! You are so funny. Actually, it was local family, and all my favorite sistas are scattered in different states!

However, how's about a trade for those adorable fingerless wrist gloves you make?!

Thanks for stopping by too! xo

Nora said...

A Trade is so very possible...stop by and convo me on which you can't live without!

Jodi Jean said...

so you put these sachets in with your clothing in the dryer? interesting ...

zJayne said...

Hi Jodi Jean,
Yes, they are quite amazing how well they are made and how long they last.
Thank you for stopping by,
Jane aka zJayne