Dreamgate Featured on Art Dollz Daily - ZNE

It's very exciting be recognized and today I've learned my Altered Art Doll "Dreamgate" is being featured on Art Dollz Daily in the ZNE Network.

Well, I'm learning this blogging more and more and the original links I had added, do not allow access, so for now I'll show the particular piece that was featured. (Sure I will, do I know how to do that?)

Okay, so far I have not figured it out...SOOO in the meantime...I am often asked if I have a favorite doll that I've created..and, if you'd like to see, I'll list her here...."Imagine Peace" by zJayne, that's me~


zJayne said...

I'm working on the correct links. Clearly these are not them... be back at another time. Drop me a note if you know what I'm doing wrong and can help.

Loudlife said...



smashing.etsy.com said...

i'll check back for links, but congrats in the meantime!! :) how exciting!

Gina2424 said...

Hi Jayne-congrats on your blog! I sent you a message on ZNE- need your email for the doll questionnaire.