Plastic Bags - Yes, really!

It's true . . . there are creative "multiple" uses for the plastic bags that are already out there! Take a look at carataylor on Etsy. Cara shows us some of the amazing uses for those dang plastic bags and offers one of her "mini" coin purses as incentive. Read carataylor's profile to find out how to get a free mini change purse!

Cara, you rock and make a difference! Keep them coming! Search teamecoetsy for more eco friendly products on Etsy.


Nora said...

Hi is something to keep you busy:

I have officially tagged you; please check out this post to see what I mean:

Walk in the Woods said...

I'm looking for some new plastic bag ideas! I have a GIANT plastic bag of plastic bags that was collected for me at earth day! I knit and crochet in the cool months . . . so I'll be gettin' at that bag real soon!